The explosion of technology is changing how kids learn, interact and communicate. Nowadays, smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices are an inevitable part of life at homes and schools.  so what are some Actions Parents Should Take to Keep Their Kids Safe Online

There are countless benefits of Technology. It has made learning fun and relevant. Kids have moved on from just reading textbooks and completing worksheets, to being able to access valuable information in a matter of seconds.


Now, we know that the engagement with social media and our cell phones releases a chemical called dopamine, which makes us feel HAPPY when we receive calls or texts. Probably that’s the main reason why the use of technology has become excessive.


However, as far as children are concerned, some studies have shown that many children are using digital devices more than recommended. Some experts warned that too much screen can affect children’s interaction. That is to say, the biggest downside of technology is the loss of social skills, as well as misusing it. At the end of the day, it’s all about good parenting and common sense.

Actions Parents Should Take to Keep Their Kids Safe Online

For parents out there that do not know how to deal with this later, our team gathered some crucial ways of how you should deal with your kids to keep them safe online.


So, keep on reading.


Heart-to-heart Talks

Actions Parents Should Take to Keep Their Kids Safe Online


There are plenty of precautions you can take to protect children from internet predators, and the least you could do is to communicate with them, open your heart to them and try to make them understand the danger of the over and misuse of technology.


You can also warn them about the dangers of for example giving personal information to strangers, and emphasize that they should never agree to meet someone in person that they’ve only met online. You can also explain to them how easy it is for anyone to lie about their identities and post a phony picture of themselves.




Children are unpredictable, you will never know what their next move would be, that’s why you should always keep watching over them. Tell your children that you plan to spot-check their computer, and that may prompt them to self-monitor.


Another thing you could do is to place their computers in a room that is active, it may be in the center of your house or even the dining room, so you can easily keep an eye on their online activities. And the right way to place the computer is to make the screen visible to everyone else passing by and not facing the wall.

Parental Controls


You can use parental controls to restrict your child’s internet access. Most internet service providers offer a range of features, like the ability to block certain websites. Many of them are completely free.


How to it is easy, you just need follow these steps:


For Google,


  • First thing to do is to log in into your google account
  • Then go to
  • Once you’re on preference, click ‘Turn on the SafeSearch’ and ‘Lock SafeSearch’


For YouTube,


  • Open
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom
  • You will see Restricted Mode
  • Click on it to turn it on and click on save


Also, you can consider parental controls to restrict emails that contain aggressive language from being sent and received. However, if your children’s age is under 12, you will absolutely need to restrict all of your emails.


Therefore, you can limit what your little ones will see, and you will not be concerned about it anymore.


Blocking Software


Unfortunately, it’s become a really common thing that people hack your computer and reverse the camera so that they can see you.

Recording Software


Periodically check your children’s browser history so you know which sites they’ve visited. Also consider installing recording software that keeps a record of everything that’s been sent, received, downloaded, and viewed.


There are people who use the internet to take advantage of young people online and they are called predators. This is a very serious matter that you should take into consideration, and the reason why you should protect your children by following their steps and be as cautious as possible.

Consider the Police

Immediately call the police, the FBI, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children if your child is sent pornography or is sexually solicited by someone on the internet.


Did you know that Most internet sexual predators target adolescents, as opposed to prepubescent children?


So, there you have it parents! You will keep your children safe on and from the internet by following these tips and by taking immediate actions.

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