Summer arrives, and kids are no longer engaged in their active and daily schooling, which exposed them to constant educational activities. so what are The best activities for kids to have fun for educational aspects?

It is also a time in the year for parents to take the kids having fun during the considerable period of the summer.

However, the challenge is how to keep the kids attached to their learning processes during summer days and meanwhile not to reinforce the same educational methods kids are used to.

The best activities for kids to have fun for educational aspects.

One of the best practices to get ahead with kids is to find their center of interest to keep them busy having fun and learning. So, the following will be an overview of the 10 best summer activities for kids to have fun and also keep the educational aspects ongoing.


Word hunt and count:

The best activities for kids to have fun for educational aspects.

This activity will help the kids to improve their vocabulary and counting skills. You can make a list of words, write each one in a sticky note, and hide them around the house. Let the kids search for the words, and whenever they come across a sticky note, ask them to read it out loud and write them on their list. Now kids have to know how many words they have got by counting the results and keep the list saved by that they get familiar with the assimilation and learning of the new words.


Sidewalk Word:

Sidewalk word is an exciting activity when it comes to word learning, vocabulary improvements, and especially pronunciation.

The kid can begin at the bottom of the ladder, reading each word while moving up. You can use word families, such as ending with the same pronunciation. Speed and fluency by reading words through the ladder will help the kid to grasp them in a matter of short time.

Roll & Cross Math Game


This activity will keep the child’s memory fresh with numbers. You can make dice out of the paper cube. Have your kid rolling it and mark the numbers found each time. By that process, they can learn numbers fast. You can also play it with two dices or three and let your kid add or multiply numbers.


Puddle Jump to Better Math Skills

You can shape papers into puddles and write a different number on each one. Ask your child to jump from one puddle to another reading the numbers out loud as they go through them. They can do the same thing backward as well. If your child is older enough to be challenged, you can change the game to adding, multiplying, or dividing numbers upon your choice for the difficulty depending on your child’s capability.


An Outdoor Memory Game

Make paper plates and draw different items on them, such as colors, shapes, words, and numbers upon your choice of the game you want to engage your child in. Make sure you draw each item twice making a pair. Spread the pairs randomly with their face down. By doing that, you can challenge your child to find the matches. In the end, you can have your child cleaning the plates again by ordering the plates according to the pairs.


Vocabulary with a Word Jar

With this activity, you can improve the vocabulary skills of your child. It is simple as it sounds. You have to write down different words on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. On a daily basis, have your child take a word from the jar and define it according to his previous knowledge or understanding. You can even challenge them to use that word in a sentence or even conversations during the day. You can adjust the difficulty according to your child’s grade level. 

Summer Reading Bing


Bingo is an excellent activity if you are willing to follow up on a schedule of your child’s reading. You can start by having your child writing his favorite summer reading list. Then create a bingo paper, in which you write down a different reading goal on each square, as seen in the photo above. You can choose the level according to your child’s capacity, from reading a short story to 10 minutes reading. Rewards your child each time they reach a goal and cross out the reading goal when finished. This activity can challenge your child and improve his reading skills.


Letters and Spelling with Outdoor Alphabet Match

Use the sidewalk and write alphabets with chalk, preferably use colors. Bring also plastic letters into a kiddie pool. Now have your child match the plastic letters with the alphabet “U” wrote on the sidewalk. Have your child fishing out the letters with a net to make the activity fun for them.

Count With Ice Cream

This activity is simple math that can help your child improve their counting skills. Gather small pom poms from different colors and make paper triangles with a number for each. Let your child stack ice cream scoops on each triangular vertical lines according to the number written. By that process, your child will stack the scoops and start counting and having fun as well.

A Word-Building Kit


This activity will improve your kids’ focus on words and vocabulary. You can use craft sticks with each word written on it and have the child build the word when he tries to find each of the matching magnetic letters and place the above the craft stick, as seen in the photo above. Your child can read the word out loud and even write them down on a paper. In addition to that, you can have them reorder the words they chose from the beginning and reward them each time they have it right.


Summer educational activities are way too important for kids to maintain their rhythm of learning during the period of the summer. Engaging them in daily activities as such will keep them always prepared for the next school year and also having fun summertime.

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